8.Jerry Takkier(non-registered)
Looking forward to seeing the finished wall mounts on my living room wall.
6.Simon Gaiger(non-registered)
Great videos produced for the training program, excellent quality, will be back for more.
5.Dave Watson(non-registered)
Love the sepia tone images.
4.Stephen a'Barrow(non-registered)
I`ve been to many of the sites which are so wonderfully depicted here and I must say the photographer has not only managed to capture the essence of these places with his images but their magic as well. Something which only someone with a true gift can do. Wonderful galleries. I look forward to seeing each new addition.
3.Andrew Warburton - Boston Mass.(non-registered)
Superb shots, will be in touch reference the commission in the US.
2.Chris Taylor(non-registered)
Cool images....have ordered a wall mount for the Boardroom.
Looking forward to seeing it in the "flesh" as it where.
1.Tomasz Nowicki(non-registered)
Great gallery. Beautiful photos.
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